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Konwerter Quad SHARP 400A 3D-HD

Kod towaru: 002389
Producent: SHARP
Kod EAN: 4974019834146
Waga: 0.25 kg
dostępny dostępny
Cena netto: 61,25 zł / szt. 75,34 zł / szt.
Konwerter Quad SHARP 3D-HD Ready (cztery niezależne wyjścia).


Type: 4 Output
Family: LNB
Description: This Dual Pole Low Noise Block Down-Converter is used in combination with an antenna for Ku band, and can receive both Horizontally and Vertically polarized signals. It has four outputs.
Input frequency (GHz): 10.7 to 11.7 [Low band]; 11.7 to 12.75 [High band]
Output frequency (MHz): 951 to 1950 [Low band]; 1100 to 2150 [High band]
Local oscillation frequency (GHz): 9.75 [Low band]; 10.6 [High band]
NF (dB) : 0.4 (TYP.)
Conversion gain (dB): 56 (TYP.)
Phase noise: –55 dBc/Hz at 1 kHz (TYP.)
Cross-polar discrimination (dB): 26 (TYP.)
Vertical Polarization Supply Voltage : 11.5 to 14.0 (0/22 kHz)
Horizontal Polarization Supply Voltage : 16.0 to 19.0 (0/22 kHz)
Dissipation Current (mA): 210(TYP.)/300 (MAX.)
Power consumption (mA): 210 (TYP.)/300 (MAX)
Waveguide: Feed-horn (F/D = 0.6)
Output connector (F-type): 4-output (H/V, High and low switching)
Outline dimensions (mm): 158.9 × 69.3 × 59.8
Life cycle: Production
Replacement Parts: N/A
Suggested Alternative Part Number: N/A
Weight (g): 200 +/- 25g